Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New year everybody! i'm about 11 days late from this happy new year post. 
I celebrated new year at Gurney with important people in my life. It was soo soo much better than the one last year at Karpal Singh, Seriously, no more Karpal Singh anymore in the future. And i had fun taking pictures with them, like seriously i felt quite elated at the fact that my car didnt broke down like last year and everything went smoothly this time with fireworks and great band. 

took a whole lot of pictures that night, and of all those god damn pictures, i look like a potato. well, okay, so i manage to snatch a balloon and left it in the car to die until now. 

Anyway.  i never really blog about big moments that happened during 2015. like the fact i had sacrificed almost everything to be a part of a concert (i didn't even god damn blog about it after it had consumed about 3 months of my time extensively about 18 hrs a day for it, i am alive!, thank god im alive! yesssh, im alive)

I dont have much new year resolution because i know most of it would just fail and you never grow bitter of it despite the fact that nothing ever achieve and yet you just feel the need to join this trend because you just had to =.=
i don't know what i'm blabbering about but here it is

  • To Blog More 
  • To loose a few weight
  • learn to say "no"
  • dye my hair 
  • grew out my fringe
  • reach 5k followers for my instashop


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