Thursday, December 24, 2015

Reasons why i start a new blog

Brand New blog~

Damn, i didn't know i had the guts to just abandon my 5 years old blog which meant the whole world to me judging by how many countless posts i did back then when i am really a BLOGGER~
well, i finally did it
welcome to Ann Ribbon (also my instagram username)
i genuinely used it too many time it can also be my surname. 

and yes, i'm suppose to be studying. GIVE me a break, i had too much Communication Theory in my head

Reasons why i start a new blog

  1. Contents are too messy
You know you get people seeing this and they be rolling their eyes saying "just delete those stuff that are messy". 
Yeah, try doing that on my blog. I'm not referring to my ultra-boring-nothing-special-but-full-of-advertisements layout but also my post as well. 
I'm no OCD, but even a non-OCD people would go berserk looking at it. 
I just piled everything over every post. i am SOOOO not good at organizing anyway. 
By the way, those advertisement banners around my sidebars are getting more and more out of hand. 
I had no eyes to see
so buh-bye. 

you know you had those blogwalkers that leaving footprints all over your post, not only that ,also spamming it with MULTIPLE comments instead of one?
Yeah, those blogwalkers ANNOY me. 
No, i don't need to visit your site to buy those slimming pills. (am i that fat?) 
No, i don't need to check out your site to get more followers. 
No, i don't need to view your products enlisted in your website.

    3.Images can't load
I had no idea why, most of my images are just not there anymore. Like literally disappear. Okay i felt abit wasted that i had spent so much time editing my pics for advertorials and it turned out to be like..NOTHING.. but now when it's not even there, i don't feel wasted to abandon my blog just like that. 
Huh, maybe i can filter most of my pictures first before i post anything up this time. 

    4.Rubbish Posts
I don't know how to define rubbish posts. but some post are just POST for the sake of updating. Not very professional, not very ME. 
and there a few emotional posts, i wish i can delete, but there is just too many i couldn't be bothered anymore. 

   5. Too many advertorials!
I think i mentioned it quite alot of time in this post. 
Hey, advertorials are good, it means i'm earning money through blogging. But when there is too many, and you make your blog look like is a advertisement catalog instead of a BLOG, nope.. you have to space out, girl
So when i realize maybe i had too much reliance on "Only updating my blog when there is a sponsored post", i think i need to "clean" my blog. I'm not closing my doors to more opportunities out there, but i am definitely filtering it.

  6.My domain name sucks
Minor issue, i can always change the domain name anytime i want. 
haha, just an excuse to move to a new blog anyway. Plus i had used that blog domain in most of the affiliate program i signed up for. 

Starting afresh is hard, i had to go through a lot to build up my platform again seeing that i had not been updating consistently for the past one whole year? hahahaha, anyway, i had to make my new year resolution fast. 
But i believe, a new blog will be a better start for me (:

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!

in case you are wondering how my old blog looks like
here's the link

Well, i'm back to blogging now!